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Take a look at our useful garage door tips to find out how you can make sure that your automatic system stays functional for a long time. If you have some questions, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Lubricate the hardware to troubleshoot a noisy garage door

You should start with the torsion spring. The key thing is to lubricate all of its coils, so you may need to open and close the door after you're done to make sure the oil gets everywhere. If you have steel rollers, you should lubricate both their wheels and their stems. The hinges also require a bit of lubricant to work smoothly, as do the sections where the trolley connects to the rail. If you have a chain or a screw drive opener, you should apply its drive system with this substance as well.

Never close or open a door if you're not around to watch it

If you are unable to watch the door closing or opening, don't use your remote. Wait until you're close enough to make sure the panels rise or lower safely and that there's nothing blocking the door's path. Even your automatic opener already has a safety auto-reverse feature, it’s always better to take that little extra step..

Check the springs if the door slides down

If your door slides down when you open, there is probably something wrong with the springs. The balance test you can perform is trying to manually open the door halfway and seeing it if's able to stay in place. If it can't spring adjustment will probably be required. This is a dangerous task, so you should leave it to our experts.

Don't mess with garage door parts that are under tension

There are a few parts of your garage door system that are under stress on a daily basis. The springs, brackets, and cables should not be mishandled in any way, as the tension they operate under can cause them to suddenly snap or break off. To avoid accidents related to these components, leave any replacement or adjustment to our highly skilled technicians.


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